The word “Evangelism” has gotten a bad reputation. How do we reclaim a holistic way of living out and talking about our faith, reminiscent of John and Charles Wesley’s original “Methodist movement”, so that the people we meet can be introduced to the transforming power of a relationship with Jesus Christ?

This 3-week course is a great follow-up for those who have participated in the Evangelism for Non-Evangelists Webinar series or a learning/conversation session with The Foundation for Evangelism. There are no “pre-requisites” but the webinar will be more meaningful if you read Evangelism for Non-Evangelists ahead of time (if you are unable to purchase a copy, let us know at registration).

  • Led by Experts in Wesleyan Evangelism

  • Three 60 Min. Stand-alone Webinars

  • Q&A with Webinar Leaders

This free webinar is made possible by a grant from The Foundation for Evangelism! Webinar recordings are now available online.

Want to use this webinar with your small group or as a church-wide study? A free Group Study Guide is now available for download.

Webinar Leaders

Rev. Dr. Heather Lear

Rev. Dr. Heather Lear


Research & Teaching Fellow for The Foundation for Evangelism

Rev. Dr. Heather Lear works with The Foundation for Evangelism as the Teaching and Research Fellow. Prior to that, she served as the Director of Evangelism for The United Methodist Church Discipleship Ministries. Heather is an ordained elder in the North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church and served local churches in Raleigh-Durham and Rocky Mount areas. In addition to working with the FFE, Heather serves as a representative of the UMC at Evangelism Connections, an ecumenical group that focuses on evangelism, and she is active as a teacher and leader in her local church.

Rev. Dr. Jack Jackson

Rev. Dr. Jack Jackson

TOPIC: Why Jesus & Faith Sharing

E. Stanley Jones Associate Professor of Evangelism, Mission, and Global Methodism at Claremont School of Theology

Rev. Dr. Jack Jackson is a Wesleyan scholar whose research centers on the theology and practices of mission and evangelism both in global contexts in the increasingly post Christian West. Central to Dr. Jackson’s current work is helping prepare persons for Christian leadership in general and pastoral ministry in particular. He is an Elder in the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church and served a number of churches over his fifteen years in pastoral ministry.

Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner

Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner

TOPIC: Evangelism & Discipleship

Royce and Jane Reynolds Associate Professor of the Practice of Evangelism and Methodist Studies; Associate Dean for Wesleyan Engagement

Laceye Warner is an ordained elder in the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Before coming to Duke in 2001, Dr. Warner taught at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary at Northwestern University as the E. Stanley Jones Assistant Professor of Evangelism. She has served urban congregations in the Methodist Church of Great Britain. Dr. Warner’s research interests in the historical theology of evangelism seek to inform and locate contemporary church practices within the larger Christian narrative

Rev. Dr. Doug Powe

Rev. Dr. Doug Powe

TOPIC: Contextual Awareness

E. Stanley Jones Associate Professor of Evangelism at Wesley Theological Seminary

The Rev. Dr. F. Douglas Powe, Jr. is an ordained elder in the Baltimore/Washington Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. Powe is committed to helping urban congregations and congregations in transitional areas to flourish through community partnering. His research interest are church revitalization, urban theology and Methodist theology. Dr. Powe is the new Director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.