Many of our partners in ministry often state that they wish they could give more to support the ministry of The Foundation for Evangelism. Here are 10 ways to do so – all without writing a check!

Payable on Death (POD) – with CD’s, brokerage accounts, etc. You can file a form with your bank or other institution, making the Foundation the recipient of those funds at your death.

Retirement Accounts, U.S. Savings Bonds – If the Foundation is named the death beneficiary of an IRA or receives bonds through a will or trust, income taxes are avoided and the value also qualifies for an estate tax deduction.

Real Estate – A gift of your home or other property can make an excellent gift. You can reserve the right to live in the property for your lifetime.

Life Insurance – You can give the Foundation an existing or new policy or name the Foundation as the total or partial beneficiary of your life insurance.

IRA Charitable Rollover – You must be age 70 or older to do this, but transfers made directly from IRA to charity qualify as a mandatory distribution.

Charitable Remainder Trust – You can receive income for life from gift assets as well as an immediate income tax deduction for assets placed into a charitable trust.

Living Trust – Placing property that you wish to give away into a Living Trust can be convenient and simplify the settling of your estate. You continue to manage and control the property.

Appreciated Stock or Mutual Fund Shares – You avoid capital gains tax and can deduct the full fair market value for shares held more than one year.

Gift Annuity – You can give cash or stock and receive a guaranteed, favorably taxed income for life — plus you can take an income tax deduction if you itemize.

Bequest in a Will – You may continue your lifetime support of ministry by “endowing” your gifts through a bequest.