At the Evangelism Summit, Rob told us that his “heart is to release the next generation to go be the church outside the walls of the church.”

His work is the Awaken Movement. In 2008, Rob Peabody and Joel Warren experienced a holy discontent that led them to be dissatisfied with the status quo of merely attending church week in and week out. As leaders of a large church in Texas (USA), they desired to see the church have a bigger impact on it’s local community and the world around them. This led to a movement in their local church community of normal Christians leveraging their gifts, skills, experience, expertise, finances, time, energy and pouring that into the community around them to not only live out, but share Jesus love right where they were. This vision birthed Awaken… But, they weren’t the only ones.

The Spirit is moving all across the world, awakening an entire generation of Jesus people who desire more. They desire to see the local church truly be the hope of the world. They are a people whose Monday to Saturday is just as important as Sunday.

Photographers, musicians, pastors, graphic designers, filmmakers, authors, businessmen and more have all been inspired and joined in on Jesus’ plan to awaken the church. This movement grows and grows with countless others joining in, all with the same heartbeat, to offer their time and talents to see the Kingdom come to earth.

Originally started in the U.S.A., Awaken has a team in Dallas, TX, who work to further the vision in America. In 2011, a team was sent to London to begin exploring new forms of church while championing the message of Awaken. In 2015, Awaken again expanded their efforts to include a team in Budapest, Hungary, who develop creative resources that leverage technology to release the church for action.


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