Owen has a “passion for evangelism among the lower income populations, and too often when the church is dealing with lower income populations it is in the area of social services, divorced from evangelism.”

Owen is the pastor at La Fundicion de Cristo/Christ’s Foundry United Methodist Mission.  in Dallas, Texas.  They are a community founded on the faith that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior. All are welcome regardless of age, denomination, belief, background, or dress.

Their website is: http://christsfoundry.org/

Their address is:  9891 Webb Chapel Road in Dallas, Texas 75220.

Worship celebrations are held each Sunday, 10:00am in Spanish and 11:30am Bilingual (in English and Spanish).

Owen is a former Peace Corp volunteer. He studied Domestic Missions at Asbury Theological Seminary and has a Master of Divinity at Southern Methodist University and Perkins School of Theology.

Contact Information:
Email: pastor@fdcdallas.org