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Ministry of the Laity

Hearing God in a Noisy World

Workshop at national gathering engages young disciples

You may be familiar with the saying, “young people are the future of the church.” But, in reality they are the Church of Now! When you consider that 64% of young people will leave the church before adulthood* it is clear this is a critical focus for the church!

That’s why when we had the opportunity to invest in over 3,000 youth and their adult leaders at Youth2019, we took action. Through a grant partnership with Institute for Discipleship, The Foundation for Evangelism sponsored workshops and interactive resources. Over 450 young people and youth leaders took part in the “Hearing God in a Noisy World” workshop led by Rev. Wendy Mohler-Seib, one of our Denman Fellows.

Students were challenged with questions like “How do you think God speaks to us?” and shown how to create a discipline of listening for God in the midst of life’s noise and busyness.

Through training and investing in Jesus followers of all ages, we are equipping disciples and transforming lives.

*Barna Group, 2019,

I have faith that God is putting me where I need to be to help grow the church and help get us where we need to be.

Ways to Support This Grant Area:

Grants Overview

Equipping the Local Church

We recognize that Christian disciple-making happens in the local church. That’s why we committed over $230,000 in 2022 toward empowering small to medium-sized congregations to dream, take risks, and partner with God in the transformation of lives and communities. Learn More About this Grant

Sponsor Workshops & Events

We partner with recognized organizations such as World Methodist Evangelism’s Order of the FLAME and Church of the Nazarene’s Minister’s Forum to provide workshops and seminars on Wesleyan evangelism.

Recognize Leaders in Evangelism

The Harry Denman Evangelism Awards are given annually across the nation to recognize laity who share the Good New of Jesus Christ in Word, Sign, and Deed.

Learn More about the Harry Denman Evangelism Award