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Ministry of the Laity

Engaging the Ministry of the Laity

Find Their Voice - Share their Faith - Invite Others to the Christian Journey

For two balmy days in July, across three locations in Dayton, Ohio, more than 50 Adventurers – laity, local pastors, deacons and clergy – came together. The leaders who were completing a year’s certification training program welcomed and engaged with those just beginning the journey. It was a time of transition.

Every person present had been called to share the Good News through the Fresh Expressions movement, echoing the classic progression into faith used by John and Charles Wesley’s small groups. Beginning with discussion, communities grow together as disciples, worship together and help each other on their faith journey.

What these leaders experienced wasn’t just a class. It was an immersion into their calling and passion – 50 leaders representing an estimated 120 Fresh Expressions of Church in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Delaware and Pennsylvania!

This gathering was made possible by a multi-year Foundation for Evangelism Innovation Grant to the Adventurers Leadership Academy (ALA) at the Fresh Expressions House at United Theological Seminary in Dayton. These kinds of grants let the Foundation look for places where the Holy Spirit is “bubbling up” and creative new ministry is happening. We look for places where grant money can make something with potential become more than it could have been on its own

The biggest takeaway for me from this [Adventurers Leadership Academy] experience, is that church truly can happen anywhere!

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Grants In this Area

Adventurer's Leadership Academy (Fresh Expressions House of Study at United Theological Seminary)

The Foundation has partnered with UTS to provide a non-degree program at the Fresh Expressions House of Study. This program is an immersive, year-long, cohort-based training process that certifies lay and clergy leaders to cultivate fresh expressions of church.

Learn More about Adventurers Leadership Academy

Participating in Abundant Life Laity Training

We partnered with the Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church Laity Engagement Forum to bring training to laity in the conference based on the resource developed by Prof. Mark Teasdale, Participating in Abundant Life. The grant will continue in 2024 as cohorts are developed.