The Making Disciples on the College Campus – A Ministry Impacting Young People Grant was launched in 2017 as a pilot for a period of three years. The grant provides funding for innovative campus-focused ministry that engages, forms and grows disciples of Jesus Christ on the college campus. Two recipients were chosen for this pilot – read about their ministries below and watch a video from students.

The purpose of this grant is to foster campus ministry that:

  • Creates faith communities where college and university students, faculty, and staff enter into life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ and grow as disciples
  • Equips young people for service and leadership to the church and the world
  • Invests  in programs, leaders and ministries that address adaptive challenges in evangelism specific to the college campus

Did you know?

A significant part of Methodism’s early formation can be traced to John and Charles Wesley’s participation in a campus student movement. This experience helped lay the foundation for John Wesley’s pivotal “Aldersgate experience” of grace and faith which set him on the path to lead the Methodist movement.

Grant Impact

FFE President Jane Wood shares the impact the grant has had on the approach to campus ministry and the students whose lives will be forever changed.