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Equipping The Local Church

Christian Disciple-Making Happens in the Local Church

Inviting their community into relationship with Jesus, to grow in grace, and live out their faith

The Foundation for Evangelism recognizes that Christian disciple-making happens in the local church. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the local church invites members of their community to enter a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, grow in grace, and live out their faith by loving and serving God and neighbor.

The Foundation for Evangelism’s Equipping the Local Church Grants support the synergy of pastoral and lay leaders working together in small local churches, with 250 or fewer participants, toward a culture shift for invitational evangelism, missional ministry and discipleship engagement. The grants allow these churches to launch an experiment or initiative to share the Gospel and invite others into a relationship with Jesus, providing an opportunity to be creative and take risks.

I can look up the definition of evangelism and I say "oh that's not me." But I've learned that it's just loving people and letting them know that Jesus loves them, and don't have an official title doing it.

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