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Equipping The Local Church

Reaching People for Jesus

Helping others live for God, for people, and for change

When Pastor Matt Bistayi and his family were sent to Allendale, Michigan, in 2009, his family was “parachuted” into the the community to start a church from nothing. When you consider that 70% of parachute church plants fail in the first 2-3 years, it’s remarkable that Valley Church is going strong eleven years in! The church launched in 2010 with over 100 people attending and in 2019 averaged 175 in worship! The hallmark of Valley’s faith-style is “making a difference in practical ways in the lives and relationships around us.”

And while stories are the starting point of those relationships, Pastor Matt says, “Jesus changes everything. When Jesus gets ahold of someone, their life and story changes…they want to share that hope with others.” Pastor Matt was presented with the Harry Denman Evangelism Award in 2019 for guiding Valley Church in their quest to be a church that “…send[s] other people. Across the street. Across the city. Across the world.”


The most important person at [your church] is the person who's not here yet.

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Equipping the Local Church

We recognize that Christian disciple-making happens in the local church. That’s why we committed over $600,000 in 2022 and 2023 toward empowering small to medium-sized congregations to dream, take risks, and partner with God in the transformation of lives and communities. Learn More About this Grant

In partnership with experts in evangelism in the Wesleyan tradition we offer unique webinars and online courses designed with the local church in mind.

Resources to Encourage Evangelism

FFE’s online “Catalyst Conversations” is a growing collection of videos, podcasts, and small group resources meant to inspire and uplift! View Catalyst Conversations Now   |   See Other Evangelism Resources