What legacy are you leaving your children and grandchildren?  You strive to teach, through word and action, spiritual disciplines, work ethic and family values. But what about when you are no longer here?

Certainly memories of your life will remain with loved ones.  But you have another opportunity – through your will.

When we think of a will (and we really don’t like to do so!), we think of the monetary value of an estate and how it will be distributed to heirs.  But your will can be part of your legacy of faith and values.

Remember, it’s called a “Last Will and Testament” – you last opportunity to express your wishes and to provide a testimony about what you value.  So, if you have no will, please, please, please – create one.  And when you do, make a statement about what you hold dear and what you want your family and friends to value.

Leave a legacy – they will remember!

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