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Equipping the Local Church Grant Cycle 2024

Grant Summary:

Applications are CLOSED for this grant cycle. Check back in January 2025

Grants for $5,000 or $10,000 will be awarded to small and medium** church congregations, or clusters of churches working together, in a Wesleyan-tradition denomination. The grant is intended to help launch an experiment or initiative to share the Gospel in word and deed, build relationships, and invite others into a discipleship journey with Jesus.

Any church or group of churches fitting the criteria may apply. Up to 50 possible grants will be awarded in the summer of 2024. The Foundation for Evangelism Equipping the Local Church grant initiative seeks to empower pastors, laity, and smaller local congregations to dream, take risks, and partner with God in the transformation of lives and communities. These grants are made possible through the generosity of donors, friends, and partners with The Foundation for Evangelism.

* We define Wesleyan-tradition as based on the ministry movement begun in the 18th century by John and Charles Wesley. Responding to God’s pursuit of us, all are invited to the lifelong journey to love God and neighbor with their whole heart.

**250 or fewer participants

The Foundation for Evangelism recognizes that Christian disciple-making happens in the local church. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the local church invites members of their community to enter a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, grow in grace, and live out their faith by loving and serving God and neighbor.

The Equipping the Local Church grant cycle is open to Wesleyan-tradition* congregations in the United States. Grants are intended to enable small and medium-sized** churches to launch an experiment or initiative to share the Gospel and invite others into a relationship with Jesus. Through these funds, FFE desires to provide an opportunity for faith communities to be creative and take risks.

Who Qualifies for this Grant:

  • Wesleyan-tradition* Churches with…
    • 1-99 persons in worship, including virtual attendance (designated Small Church)
    • 100-250 persons in worship or a cluster of small congregations working together, including virtual attendance (designated Medium Church)
  • Non-profit, Wesleyan-tradition* organizations serving the above churches
  • The applying church/organization must be based in the United States

The Following Do Not Qualify for this Grant:

  • Non-Wesleyan-tradition* churches/organizations
  • Mission trips, service projects, or 1-time events or projects. While we encourage the marriage of mission and evangelism, to qualify for this grant, such a project would need to show intentional relationship building that leads to invitation into life-transforming relationship with Christ and discipleship as part of your congregation.
  • Campus Ministry (at colleges or universities)
  • An established or on-going ministry or project
  • Capital improvements
  • Additional staff requests or equipment purchases not integral to the ministry
  • Individuals
  • Nonprofits that are not 501(c)(3), denominationally affiliated, or IRS recognized as a religious organization.

In evaluating grant applications, the strongest proposals will demonstrate alignment with The Foundation for Evangelism’s values and address the following questions:

  • Evangelistic– How will this grant be grounded in God’s abundance , and invite others to enter, develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus? Have you intentionally listened to your community to learn what difference the Good News might make in their lives?
  • Wesleyan – As a Wesleyan-tradition* congregation, is this project developed according to the model of John Wesley, inspired by Jesus, that intentionally connects love of God with love of neighbor? In what ways will this grant invite people to accept and grow in God’s grace and address needs of the whole person and community?
  • Steward – In addition to soundly managing grant funds, how is this initiative engaging the context of ministry and utilizing your congregational gifts, strengths, and resources to equip disciples to share the Good News?
  • Leaders – How are clergy, ministers, and laity working in partnership and sharing leadership? Is the congregation focused on identifying leaders and equipping lay leaders?
  • Equip – How will you equip and empower the congregation to participate in this initiative and what are your plans to share your findings and learnings with others?
  • Catalyst – How will this grant spark transformation and greater impact?

Awards will be granted in two amounts:

$5,000 awards will be available to congregations with participation from 1-99

$10,000 awards will be available to congregations with participation between 100 and 250 or a cluster of congregations working together

29 Feb. 2024 – Receive and screen grant applications

May 2024 – Grant recipients notified and receive expectations and report forms

15 June 2024 – Grant money released to recipients

Nov. 2024 – Check-in email / Zoom with grant recipients

15 Dec. 2024 – Mid-program report due

Spring 2025 – Gather stories of grant impact

June 2025 – Final reports due


For the 2024 grant cycle, up to 50 grants of $5,000 or $10,000 are available to small and medium church congregations, or clusters of churches working together, in a Wesleyan-tradition denomination.

*Total number of available grants depends on distribution of applications received.

We use the phrase “Wesleyan tradition” to describe an approach to the Christian faith and discipleship that showcases awareness, understanding, and implementation of the practices and teachings attributed to the movement begun by John and Charles Wesley. Theirs is a practical theology central to the life and identity of every Christian. This identity is evidenced by a focus on the God of love who, through Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, makes it possible for that love to transform hearts and lives. Relying on God’s proactive grace, it strongly encourages systemic spiritual practices,  and works through the faith community to actively share the Good News and invite persons everywhere to a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

Applications are accepted through our Grant Seekers page by clicking on the blue button labeled “Apply for This Grant” on the right side of the page. You will need to create an account with our online portal provider, Submittable. Once you do this, you can begin filling out the application. You will be able to save your application, working at your own pace. 

If you are unable to fill out the application online, please contact us at

A strong proposal will address each of The Foundation for Evangelism’s six values:

  1. Evangelistic
  2. Wesleyan
  3. Steward
  4. Leaders
  5. Equip
  6. Catalyst

As an example, a (Wesleyan-tradition) church started a shower trailer ministry to provide hygiene, clothing, and meals to their unhoused neighbors. The congregation – including pastor and lay persons (Leaders) – work together to provide these services to individuals in the community on a monthly basis.  Those individuals have been invited and accepted into the life of the church (Evangelistic). The church is working with other organizations and churches in the community which has allowed them to continue and expand (Steward & Catalyst) to offer additional classes and programs on topics like parenting, budgeting, and resume building (Equip). This experience has helped the church build deeper relationships  and respond to the realities their community faces.

The Equipping the Local Church Grant Cycle is an annual grant cycle. If you feel like your church/churches need a little more time to develop a vision for a grant-funded ministry or program, you will have other opportunities in the future. You can subscribe to our email list for Grants & Resources or follow us on social media to find out when grant cycles begin. We will publish information about our current grant cycles on our Grant Seekers page.

If you aren’t sure where to start or feel that you need to begin building a culture of evangelism in your congregation, visit our resource page and contact us for recommendations.

Depending on your language, we may be able to connect you with someone to assist in the grant application process. Please contact

Current Grant Cycle Info

Applications are CLOSED

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Other Grant Focus Areas

Raising Up Gospel Leaders

Evangelism Training for Ministry Professionals

Grants designed to equip leaders who are called to vocational ministry and desire to lead witnessing congregations and organizations. These grants range from one to three years and address training across a wide spectrum of leader designations. . up to endowment funded positions at Wesleyan-tradition seminaries or other leader training programs that expose students to a Wesleyan understanding of evangelism and discipleship. Endowed grants are available by invitation only.

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Harry Denman Doctoral Fellowships

Fellowships granted for 1-4 academic years to support students completing a PhD, Th.D., or equivalent in evangelism or related discipline. Fellows are equipped and encouraged to then teach in Wesleyan-tradition schools of theology or institutions of higher education. Applications for fellowships are processed through our partners at A Foundation for Theological Education and are due each January.

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Engaging the Ministry of the Laity

Training Lay Persons to Share Their Faith and Invite Others

Methodism and the Wesleyan tradition became a movement because everyone participated in sharing the Good News. These grants support efforts to equip the laity to become comfortable with telling others about their personal faith in their daily lives or as they are in mission situations, inviting others to join them to live as transformed followers of Jesus Christ.

Harry Denman Evangelism Awards

The Harry Denman Evangelism Awards are given annually across the nation to recognize laity and youth who empower their church and equip disciples to share Good News of Jesus Christ in Word, Sign, and Deed.

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