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The Dr. H. Eddie and Mary Nell Fox Endowment for Evangelism

Eddie and Mary Nell Fox Receive Order of Jerusalem

"[Eddie Fox] inspires many in the Wesleyan family around the world with deep dedication to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.... His work to bring various denominations...together across national and cultural boundaries has few equals in recent generations."

Dean Jan Love
Candler School of Theology, Emory University
A Celebration of Life service was held on August 14th at 11:00 a.m. CT at Hermitage UMC in Hermitage, Tennessee.
So That the World May Know Jesus Christ

Rev. Dr. H. Eddie Fox, together with his wife of 62 years, Mary Nell, have dedicated their life’s work to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and taught faith sharing and trained countless disciples in the Wesleyan tradition on every inhabited continent of the world.  This endowment, started by their family, ensures that the legacy of their work in evangelism continues.  In the same way, Eddie asked churches and communities to “tell us what you need, and we will see what we can do,” the grants from this endowment will open the way for Christ to transform hearts and lives.

Rev. Dr. Fox Joins King and Queen of Tonga

W. Scott Rawles, Vice President for Development

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A Fox Endowment Grant Is...

Rooted in scripture and the knowledge that is in the Bible, we find the source of our salvation

Equipping Indigenous Leaders

Evangelism is invitational and requires relationships. Eddie modeled for us that fruitful  evangelists assess the situation, find what is impeding the Holy Spirit’s work, and address those issues to empower themselves and others to share the Good News.


The Gospel story is for all – God is already waiting for us – and is represented by a lifelong journey toward salvation.

A Catalyst

The Foundation provides resources – financial, human, and theological – to transform the faith community and the leaders equipped to serve.