Summit Addresses the Big Questions

Connecting with and learning from experts who are effective evangelists in various ministry areas.

The Foundation for Evangelism’s (FFE) Ministry Action Plan contains “Four Big Questions” the board established for its ongoing discussion and evaluation.

  1. How might we evaluate and address impact/engagement with laity, local church pastors, young persons, and college campus?
  2. How might we engender a fresh missionary imagination?
  3. How do we resource leaders who can communicate across cultures?
  4. How could we create a conversation around evangelism and its role as an integral part of what the church does?

Our board recognized that, while passionate about the mission, they are not the experts who need to answer these questions.  Instead we convened exceptional NEXT GENERATION leaders for conversation around our mission, key values, and these strategic questions in January 2017. Eleven leaders folks joined us for 24 hours of prayer, holy conversation, and vision casting.  What resulted has already begun to help shape our future.

And it is an ongoing conversation.   This page will be updated with bios, links, and listings of resources from these next generation leaders.  You can follow FFE’s discussion here.

Now we need you to join the conversation. Is there someone – or are you someone – we need to know?  FFE wants to hear from you.   Email