An 80-year old woman with several children and lots of grandchildren supports many ministries on a monthly basis – typical of many donors who support ministry!

She contacts her favorite ministry and asks how best she could set-up an estate gift to ensure that her giving would continue in perpetuity after her death.  She wants to do the same for each of the ministries she now supports.

Wow – what a faithful example of good stewardship!

You, too can endow your giving!

Are you ready for some simple math? Multiply the amount of your annual gift by 20.  For example, if you give $200 per year, multiply by 20 — $4,000.

If you include a gift in your will designated to the Foundation of $4,000, your annual gift of $200 will continue until the Lord returns.  This, of course, assumes an annual return on investment of 5% – pretty average when considered over a span of several years.

You, too, can set an example of faithful, long-term, perpetual stewardship.  Please contact us to ask about endowing your giving to The Foundation for Evangelism.