DISCIPLE Bible Study

DISCIPLE is a group Bible study aimed at developing strong Christian leaders. This 34-week overview of both Old and New Testaments helps participants see the whole Bible as a revelation of God. Independent study of 3-4hrs each week help participants prepare for weekly group meetings. Available in a wide variety of languages, as well as in an adapted 24-week “Fast-Track” format.

DISCIPLE Leader Training

This self-paced training, offered by BeADisciple, has been created to address the demand for the facilitator training for DISCIPLE Bible Study. In this online course, participants will come to understand what makes DISCIPLE unique, how to implement the study in their church, and what their role as leader should look like. It includes resources, quizzes, and the personal reflection of an experienced DBS facilitator.

Start a DISCIPLE Group Online

DISCIPLE Online is the same beloved DISCIPLE study presented in an online format. Group leaders can create an online session for their own DISCIPLE group. That facilitator will oversee their small group and facilitate participation in group discussions as well as the once-weekly live meeting time. The facilitator remains “a learner among learners,” as in the original DISCIPLE study.