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Category: Consider Wesley

Christian Perfection

By Henry “Hal” Knight III Christian perfection, or entire sanctification, may be the most controversial of Wesley’s teachings. It was certainly one of the most misunderstood, which is why Wesley
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The Marks of Conversion

By Henry “Hal” Knight III “Conversion” is a tricky word. Everyone seems to know what it means, but the meanings are widely divergent. They are often quite different from how
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The Significance of the Law for Wesley

By Henry “Hal” Knight III For Wesley, prevenient grace is a manifestation of God’s universal love for humanity. God reaches out to everyone, restoring a measure of the freedom which
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Original Sin

By Henry “Hal” Knight III Wesley’s doctrine of prevenient grace was his solution to a problem inherent in two central teachings of Protestantism. The first was original sin, which in
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John Wesley’s “Orthopathy” – The “Right” Way?

By Henry “Hal” Knight III When in the 1970s Wesleyan and Pentecostal theologians introduced the term “orthopathy,” they had more in mind than simply insisting experience should be considered along
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John Wesley’s “Orthopraxis”

By Henry “Hal” Knight III The term “orthopraxis” was introduced into Christian theology by liberation theologians in the 1960s. It was meant as a corrective to an orthodoxy that affirmed
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Wesley’s “Orthodoxy”

By Henry “Hal” Knight III “Orthodoxy” is not a popular word these days. When someone announces they no longer believe in the Trinity or the deity of Christ, many consider
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A Heart Religion?

By Henry “Hal” Knight III Friedrich Schleiermacher, the nineteenth century parent of liberal theology, argued that Christianity is most fundamentally not a believing or doing but a feeling — that
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Renewing Creation, Renewing the Church

By Henry “Hal” Knight III In John Wesley’s sermon, “The General Spread of the Gospel,” he describes his vision of a Christian world. His depiction is not of a world
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