Dr. Tim Bias, General Secretary of Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church (formerly the General Board of Discipleship), was welcomed as a trustee by The Foundation for Evangelism on April 23, 2015. A local church pastor for 36 years, Dr. Bias served as senior pastor of Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church (Cincinnati, Ohio) and has served the denomination in three Annual Conferences.

In his introduction to the board, Dr. Larry Klemann, Board Chair, stated, “I am thrilled to welcome Rev. Dr. Tim Bias as an Ex. Officio member of The Foundation for Evangelism’s Board of Trustees. Tim’s leadership on the General Board of Global Ministry, and most recently as Director of Discipleship Ministries brings valued perspective and experience to our work to raise up leaders with a passion for evangelism and disciple making for the United Methodist Church.”

Founded in 1949 by the late Dr. Harry Denman, the Foundation provides resources to enable The United Methodist Church to bring persons into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Grant focuses include E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism, initiatives with young people, and excellence in local church evangelism.

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Dr. Jack Jackson (E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism – Claremont) visited Dr. Achim Haertner (E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism – Reutlingen, Germany) on the campus of Reutlingen School of Theology (UMC).

Professor Haertner shared, “We taught an Evangelism class together this morning [May 7, 2015] on the topic ‘Mission (im)possible? Evangelism in an atheistic / areligious context’. In comparing the challenges in Eastern (former GDR) Germany and the situation in Southern California we observed similarities as well as differences. We had inspiring and fruitful conversations with our student group, including a reflection on the controversy between Karl Barth and Emil Brunner concerning ‘Anknüpfung und Widerspruch’(Tying and Contradiction). A recent video clip about evangelizing initiatives in the U.K. within the ecumenical Fresh-X-movement, which we shared in class, encouragingly illustrated: ‘mission possible!’

This kind of visit and exchange is a true treasure both for us as colleagues and for the students!”

Achim Partner Jack Jackson

Dr. Achim Haertner (L) and Dr. Jack Jackson (R), E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism

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