CATALYST 2024 is a five-year initiative that began in 2019, marking 70 years of ministry for The Foundation for Evangelism. At such an anniversary, an organization can do two things — look back at and celebrate the achievements of the past, and look forward toward the future and the possibilities it holds. We have chosen to focus on the latter, building the vision over the next five years to connect and partner with Christians seeking ways to invest their time, talent and resources to be a CATALYST to equip disciples to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. The initiative will culminate in our 75th year, 2024, with a celebration and one-of-a-kind learning and resourcing event.

How You Can Be Involved

Host A Catalyst Conversation Event
One of our main objectives in this initiative is to continue being a CATALYST for Wesleyan evangelism by asking the right questions and creating spaces for conversation, imagination, research and innovation. We have several events planned for the next two years that will provide that space and we hope to have diverse and numerous voices at the table. If you, your church, or organization would be interested in hosting such an event, we would like to talk with you more about the possibilities.

In much the same way that E. Stanley Jones (for whom our flagship grant program the E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism is named) brought together multi-denominational, multi-religious groups around a table to talk about God, so we hope that this “round-table” model will be a way to explore evangelism in a way that is relevant to the world today and that is incorporated into every-day faith practices much like the early Methodist movement begun by John and Charles Wesley.

Make a Donation
Such gatherings, research, and training material require financial and experiential resources to make possible. Another way that you can help is to make a financial gift to support our work to be the “go-to” place for Wesleyan evangelism resources and to be a Catalyst foundation providing grants that truly make an impact to create disciples so changed by their relationship with Jesus Christ that they cannot stop themselves from serving as Christ served or sharing “Why Jesus” in all aspects of their lives.

Be an Ambassador
Experts say that the best awareness comes by way of “word of mouth.” The Foundation for Evangelism counts a number of faithful supporters, but we want more potential partners, donors, and resource-seekers to be aware of what the Foundation offers. You are our best ambassador, and we hope you will share our resources, information, and spread the word about The Foundation for Evangelism.