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Join Us for Our 75th Year!

We invite you to join us as we journey through our 75th year. Learn more about the Foundation’s history, our current initiatives and grants, and be part of one – or ALL- of our special events throughout the year!

Our work has always focused on strengthening leaders, laity and congregations to be resilient faith communities sharing the Gospel and inviting others into the Body of Christ. 

For 3/4 of a century, The Foundation for Evangelism has been guided by ONE salutary assumption: The Church is God’s primary vessel for offering abundant life to all creation. 

Our work to help the Wesleyan-tradition church retain and act upon its zeal for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ has involved countless hours of resourcing, relationship-building and combined grant awards of more than $18 million!

A Clear Mission & Vision

The Foundation for Evangelism is the only foundation whose sole work is:

Promoting, encouraging and providing resources for Wesleyan evangelism, inviting all people in life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ

We work with Wesleyan-tradition churches and organizations to fulfill our vision:

We are a CATALYST to equip disciples to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Your Partner in Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ for 75 Years!

Help us match your philanthropic goals with our grants and resources to make a lasting impact in the Methodist-Wesleyan evangelism movement.

Help Us Spread the Word!

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Important Dates in the Foundation's History

January 31, 1949
January 31, 2024
Incorporated on Jan. 31, 1949 by lay and clergy group to support evangelism ministries of The Methodist Church. The Foundation for Evangelism was established to "disburse the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
"Chairs of Evangelism" Idea is Born
In 1954 Mr. Sollie McCreless, president of the Foundation, promised a gift to establish "Chairs of Evangelism" at Asbury Seminary and Perkins School of Theology at SMU. Plans to fill those chairs were realized around 1956.
Denman Evangelism Awards Established
The Harry Denman Evangelism Awards were established to honor one lay and clergy person (and later youth) with an exceptional ministry of evangelism in each United Methodist Annual Conference. The awards are still given today.
E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism Established
The first E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism (named for the 19th century influential Methodist evangelist & missionary) is established at Boston University School of Theology.
Offices Moved to Lake Junaluska
With consideration to rising real estate prices in Nashville, Tenn., and proximity to the United Methodist Church's Southeastern Jurisdicational offices, the Foundation's headquarters were moved to Lake Junaluska, N.C.
Evangelism Course Required for UM Clergy
The Foundation for Evangelism helps to pass requirement at United Methodist General Conference that all clergy receive a course in evangelism.
Technology Initiative
A technology initiative is begun which ultimately leads to software and training for hundreds of churches to begin ministry online.
E. Stanley Jones Professors Endowment
The E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism endowment is established after decades of of planning and fundraising. At its peak, professors of evangelism were funded at 13 Methodist-related seminaries and schools of theology.
Focus on Ministry with Young People
Multiple grants, partnerships, and collaborations on ministry with young people are engaged, including YouthWorker Movement, Refresh Campus Ministry Summit, and Campus Ministry Grants.
Expanding to the Wesleyan Family
The Foundation expands to working with multiple Wesleyan-tradition denominations.
First Equipping the Local Church Grants Awarded
The first Equipping the Local Church grant cycle begins - awarding 31 small to medium churches with a grant to launch an experiment or initiative to share the Gospel, tell their faith stories, and invite others into a relationship with Jesus alongside a local faith community.
Happy 75th! And on to 100!
The Foundation celebrates 75 years of equipping disciples to share the Good News of Jesus Christ - but we're not stopping long to celebrate! There is so much more planned as we begin the next 25 years toward 100!

Voices That Inspire Us

Hear historic, present-day, and up-and-coming voices on evangelism in the Methodist-Wesleyan tradition that inspire disciples to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

A Look Ahead to the Next 25 Years

Expanding the Resources and Reach of Gospel Leaders

utilizing thought-leaders and practitioners in Wesleyan evangelism.

Engaging the Ministry of the Laity

to find their VOICE,
SHARE their faith, and
INVITE others to the Christian Journey.

Equipping the Local Church

through grants and partnerships to enable experiments and new initiatives in local church evangelism.