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Wesley on Moral Character

Discussions of moral character in our day tend to break down whenever it is suggested that there is a character that is normative for all people, or even for all Christians. Whoever dares to make such a suggestion is seen as imposing his or her view of morality on everyone else. But Wesley had a clear sense, based on scripture, of the moral character God wishes us to have.

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Wesley and the Doctrinal Role of Hymnody

The hymnal was analogous to Wesley’s standard sermons or the Minutes of Several Conversations. It set forth in an organized fashion the theology of the movement. As such, this hymnal dealt with the full range of the Christian life, from prevenient grace to Christian perfection.

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Wesley: “Our Doctrine and Our Discipline”

“Our doctrine and our discipline” was a phrase common to early Methodists, including John Wesley and Francis Asbury. Both terms were crucial to the new movement, but they had significantly different connotations then than they do for many today.

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