Missouri UMC Pastor Recognized for For Connecting Community with Church

Rev. Candace Fowler, of First United Methodist Church in Sedalia, Mo., received the 2024 Harry Denman Evangelism Award from the Missouri Conference of The United Methodist Church. She describes herself as, “a relational theologian if I’m anything, so when I came into this Wesleyan tradition, that Christ came to the world to be in relationship with us, how can we not do anything but be in relationship with people?”

She goes on to say about the growth in her church (45 baptisms and 65 new members in 2023), “There’s a secret sauce, it’s discipleship! That’s how things grow! That’s the secret sauce!” She also says that the credit for the award goes to the teams who are empowered share God’s abundance – generosity, love, grace, freedom, justice, and mercy – with others. “When your life is focused on those things, things always grow …. We are Christians because the power of the Living God has changed us … God gets the glory.”

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