Christmas Greeting from The Foundation President

My heart is filled with joy when I think about you and the many people who make the work of The Foundation for Evangelism possible!

As the staff and I prepared for Advent, we looked for themes that help us connect with what God is doing, Where is the light of Christ being seen and Where we are feeling  the Holy Spirit.

And The Holy Spirit is moving!

Lives are being transformed.

As a privilege of their role to represent you and Foundation supporters around the world, our staff and board regularly interact with grant recipients and evaluate how our presence as a  partner was a catalyst for making their ministry more that it could have been otherwise.

We spent time with five leaders just last month. Their reports credited the Foundation with encouragement, connection, resources, and, perhaps most importantly, the permission to make the work of evangelism in the Wesleyan spirit the very heart of their ministry and faith journey together.

The theme repeated over and over in these, and other conversations is that they are witnessing evidence of Jesus’ light in the world.

“I Am The Light”
painted by Achim Härtner

And what better reflection than that for Advent – focusing on  the light of Christ in the world as we are surrounded by softly glowing candles and twinkling lights.

But for me this year, another image has taken hold. Painted by Achim Härtner, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Reutlingen Theological Seminary in Germany, the work he calls “I am the Light” captures the Light of Christ as it emerges from the darkness and bathes the whole world.

I leave you with this image, and our shared Christmas season  wish – may we, like John the Baptist, in every  aspect of our faith and life

“testify concerning the light, so that through [us] everyone will believe in the light…The true light that shines on all people that is coming into the world!”

John 1:7-9

Wishing you joy and light this Christmas from The Foundation for Evangelism!

Jane Boatwright Wood

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