The Foundation for Evangelism Vice President for Grants Presents at 2023 LARCUM Conference

Contact: Barby Bowser, Communications
+1 (828) 454-6800

The Foundation for Evangelism’s Vice President for Grants, Rev. Dr. Heather Lear, was a featured speaker at the LARCUM Conference of West Virginia in May. The conference included Lutheran, Anglican (Episcopalian), Roman Catholic, United Methodist presenters and participants meeting around the theme “Evangelism? Asking not how, but why“Dr. Lear drew on her experience with The Foundation for Evangelism, her years as Director of Evangelism for the General Board of Discipleship for The United Methodist Church, her work teaching evangelism courses for Wesleyan-tradition seminaries, and her years as a local church pastor. Over the three-day conference, she spoke and led discussions on multiple topics around the “why” of evangelism.Over the course of two and half days, Dr. Lear shared the stage with two other scholar-practitioners. Dr. David Hahn, an ELCA (Lutheran) pastor and professor, and Daniel Maul, Director of Evangelization and Catechesis for his Roman Catholic diocese. Presenters had three individual presentations and participated in a panel discussion together. We lift up Rev. Dr. Lear for her participation in the 2023 LARCUM Conference!

Read Dr. Lear’s Reflection HERE

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