Evangelism Summit Gathers Pan-Wesleyan Laity

In March The Foundation for Evangelism gathered a diverse group of laity in Dallas, Texas. The group hailed from points across the United States, from six Wesleyan-tradition denominations, with one paramount goal in mind: TO LISTEN.

The Laity Evangelism Summit gathered laity from six Wesleyan-Methodist denominations across the United States for discussion and visioning.

Just a few weeks later, the group gathered again online to share and pray, and discuss how they were taking the next steps they had set during the gathering in March.

One participant logged on from the church, in their work clothes, ready to serve before working the night shift. They shared that the copy of The Quotable Mr. Wesley, which the Laity Evangelism Summit participants each received, had inspired a fledgling prayer ministry and an openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit to engage in a season of prayer with others.

The group brainstormed and discussed ways that the Foundation and others could encourage and engage the ministry of the laity.

Another participant shared that the ministry they are involved in has brought spiritual and physical healing to their community. They are doing the hard work of collecting and studying data around their ministry connections to help make those connections more fruitful. Prayer was requested that the ministry move beyond the current location to reach the larger community while also seeing individuals worthy of the invitation to join the church family.

The group discussed community and Kingdom impact that begins because children are first curious, and when welcomed bring the adults in their lives into that welcome. They each shared examples of young people called to preach, youth who answered when the church reached out to the community, and the impact that opening a space to the community can have. This led one of the laity summit participants to share how, in their ministry, they’ve seen the Holy Spirit work through the lives of young people when they are given opportunities to lead. Let’s pray that the same evangelistic spirit and culture engulf the whole church!

More check-ins are planned for this “think-tank” group that will be helping the Foundation form our Engaging the Ministry of the Laity initiative in the coming months. We look forward to sharing inspiring stories and resources as they emerge.

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