2022 Grant Recipient, Madras Church, Launches with Weekly Worship

Photo credit: North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church

Madras Church received a 2022 Equipping the Local Church Grant to help implement projects aimed at inclusively and fully welcoming everyone in their community to be part of the Body of Christ.

On Sunday, January 22, Madras United Methodist Church launched in the South West District of the North Georgia Conference. This new church start now begins weekly worship.

“Sunday was probably one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” said lead pastor Rev. Fede Apecena. “For the team and I to launch and say ‘hey, we are here and we are seeing the fruits of our presence in this area; all the hard work and the wait was worth it’ is fantastic!”

The launch was two years in the making!

In the congregation Sunday were not only the launch team and regular attenders of the growing faith community, but also first-time visitors from the community, and Bishop Robin Dease along with District Superintendent Susan Landry.

“To be able to have our Superintendent Susan Landry and our new bishop, Bishop Dease, with us was the most encouraging statement we could have had when it comes to the support from the conference,” said Apecena. ​”For them to be able to join us and celebrate affirms us, uplifts us, and reminds us that they believe in what God is doing and will continue doing in this community.”

The name Madras is appropriate for several reasons. The colorful, plaid pattern is a good visual representation of the vision of the multi-cultural welcoming church, but Madras is also a familiar name in the community with nearby Madras Parkway and Madras Middle School.

The church, located at 2331 US-29 in Newnan, will worship every Sunday at 10:45 am in the sanctuary. Additionally, on the last Sunday of every month, Madras will meet as a church to serve at one or more locations in Newnan and surrounding areas. All are welcome to worship and serve!

This story was originally posted at NGUMC.org on 1/25/2023.

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