Trustee, Donor on Why He Gives to FFE

Photo by Julia Filirovska

By Dr. C. Daniel “Dan” Henry

Even as our society in The United States and worldwide moves away from the values incarnate in Jesus Christ, our local Christian churches (even those in the Wesleyan tradition), and the clergy and lay persons in them, seem unwilling or unable to share the Good News. When questioned about this, many admit they do not feel equipped or encouraged to invite people outside their walls into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. 

That’s where The Foundation for Evangelism comes in. As a Wesleyan-tradition grant-making organization, their work is to promote, encourage, and provide resources for Wesleyan evangelism to equip disciples to share the good news of Jesus Christ. I believe in what the Foundation is doing to help Christian disciples share their faith and work together as the Body of Christ. I have seen and experienced first-hand how the Foundation is a catalyst that brings together gospel leaders, lay persons, and congregations so that they can be and do so much more than they could on their own.

I was raised in a Wesleyan-tradition church with a passion for Jesus Christ and the Bible. The positive effect that has had on my life makes me feel compassion for those who have not experienced that kind of life transformation. Through the work of the Foundation, I believe that Christ’s Church will survive and thrive, and our society and communities will be changed for the better. This is why I wholeheartedly support the mission of The Foundation for Evangelism.

Dr. C. Daniel “Dan” Henry is a retired engineer living in Bolingbrook, IL. He has served in unpaid lay servant leadership positions for over 30 years, and currently attends Wheatland Salem Church, a Wesleyan-tradition congregation in Naperville, Ill. He provided 20 years of leadership in the Northern Illinois UMC Annual Conference and was part of the national leadership of United Methodist Men for 15 years. Dan has served on several boards for non-profits, and has been a trustee of The Foundation for Evangelism since 2017.

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