New Habits, Refreshed Spirit – Denman Evangelism Award Series

For this limited series, we asked recipients of the Harry Denman Evangelism Award, “How are you tending your soul this Lent?” We’re grateful to those who shared. We hope you’ll find some inspiration and encouragement for your daily practices.

From Rev. Robert Lancaster, 2016 recipient from the North Alabama UMC Conference.

Rev. Robert Lancaster shares the Lenten practices he is using to tend his soul this year.


Hello I’m Robert Lancaster, pastor of St Andrews UMC in the central district and 2016 Denman Evangelism Award winner. The question we were asked is how are we tending to our soul during this season of lent. I just started a new practice, matter of fact just the week before November, of being very intentional about taking care of my soul. I now make sure I’m in bed by no later than 9:30. My clock is set for 5am. As soon as I get up at 5am I immediately get out of bed so that I don’t get tempted to stay under the warm covers, and then I go into my office, close the door, light a cancel inviting the Holy Spirit, the light of Christ, to come in and be with me. And then I spend the next hour listening to a devotion first, and then reading a devotion, and then reading scripture. I have chosen YouVersion Bible in a Year for this year, and I have found that this puts me in a wonderful place in the morning time. But after that hour I then spend about another 30-45 minutes reading books on leadership, books on sleeping habits, books on spiritual habits, things that will improve my leadership skills as I’m also improving my spiritual life with Christ. I have to tell you this is probably the best thing I have ever done for my spirit. Every single morning, Monday through Sunday, up at 5, read the bible, listen to a devotion, reading a devotion, and then spend some time reading [about] leadership skilsl. It really is doing wonders for my soul this Lent season. Thank you and God Bless!

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