Helping to Heal Hurt – Denman Evangelism Award Series

For this limited series, we asked recipients of the Harry Denman Evangelism Award, “How are you tending your soul this Lent?” We’re grateful to those who shared. We hope you’ll find some inspiration and encouragement for your daily practices.

From Pastor Neal Fuller, 2015 recipient from the North Alabama UMC Conference.

During this lent season I still reach out to others that are struggling with addiction and other hurts in life. I recently became a local licensed Pastor in the NAC. Now working on my COS. Being a recovering addict, I have given up a lot over the years. As I am doing my school work I really find myself studying scripture more, this really helps tend my soul at a deeper level than I ever have before. 

 I also now pastor 2 churches, and in my spare time, I help the church understand everyone can find healing of life struggles through Jesus Christ at Celebrate Recovery Ministries across our conference. This is the most recent vision from God.

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