Witness to God’s Love Through Service – Denman Evangelism Award Series

Harry Lyness receives the Harry Denman Evangelism Award in 2015 from the Indiana Conference.
From Harry Lyness, 2015 recipient from the Indiana Conference.

As I look back on Ash Wednesday it kind of took me by surprise this year because it happened so early in the year. In answering the question “How am I tending my soul?” hopefully this might give you a little insight.

Honestly, I’ve not been very successful in fasting or giving something up for Lent. The real question for me is how will I repent and return closer to God as I prepare for Easter. I try to look at the places in my life where I have become distant from God.  During this season of Lent, I want to strengthen my relationship with God. I want to seek him with all my heart.

Instead of trying to fast or giving up something for Lent I would rather devote myself to performing works of charity.

Harry’s “workshop on wheels” which travels with him to worksites.

I believe charity is an act of witnessing God ‘s love to and in everyone. There are people who need to overcome obstacles or challenges in their life. One of these obstacles is just getting out of their homes. One act of charity to help them through this time is by building ramps. Building ramps and witnessing about God’s love has been an obsession of mine for several years.

No matter what these 40 days may look like for you, no matter what challenges you take on, what you give up, let’s pledge this: FALL IN LOVE WITH JESUS.

That’s it. Fall deeper in love with Him. He’s the one you rely on for strength and wisdom. People see Him in you.

Harry Lyness received the Harry Denman Evangelism Award from the Indiana Conference of the UMC AND was named the Distinguished Evangelist all in 2015. He is a member of the Foundation’s board of trustees and a regular donor. He is a Certified Lay Speaker for The United Methodist Church who puts his faith in action through service in disaster recovery efforts and constructing accessibility ramps for those in need. He has connected his ministry and construction skills to minister both to the spiritual and physical needs of those in his community near the Indiana-Ohio state line and in places as far away as Alaska and Haiti.

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