You’re More Than Enough – Advent Reflections part 2

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from Rev. Dr. Heather H. Lear, Vice President for Grant Administration

I think we’ve all heard sermons and read devotions about not being so preoccupied with our busyness that we miss spending time with Jesus. But let’s be real, especially during this season of the year. How many of us find ourselves taking care of all the details, making sure everyone has what they need? Because if we don’t, who will?

In the story of Jesus coming to Mary and Martha’s house, we find Martha frantically scurrying about trying to fulfill her hosting responsibilities (Luke 10:38–42). We also see her getting increasingly annoyed at her sister for not lifting a hand to help. Martha has spent her entire life living into expectations placed on her or that she placed on herself along the way. This is the tradition and formula for making things work. She pleas with Jesus to affirm her efforts and to implore Mary to balance the equation. But Jesus pushes back:

Martha, you’ve already done more than enough by opening your home and providing physical space. Now open your heart and have confidence that you are enough, and your worth isn’t tied to the things you do or roles you play.

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