Study Respondents Share Impact of E. Stanley Jones Professors

Impact Study Concludes with Report at Annual Board of Trustees Meeting

The Rev. Dr. Amy Valdez-Barker reported on the E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism impact study funded by The Foundation for Evangelism. Designed to assess the impact of the professors on pastoral leadership in the local church and Christian global community, the survey included over 250 seminary graduates from the last 5-8 years. Of those surveyed, 70 interviews were conducted to explore direct impact of the grant program on the understanding and practice of Wesleyan-tradition evangelism.

The report summarized observations from the former students and incorporated statistics on relevance and lasting impact, allowing the Foundation to assess viability and opportunity for improvement in its largest grant initiative.

Dr. Valdez-Barker noted that through the E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism, The Foundation for Evangelism has proven its ability to help shape the understanding and practice of Evangelism. This research indicates a continuing role for the Foundation in places where the field of Evangelism needs to be refined and developed.

“The Foundation for Evangelism can continue to shape the landscape through the contributions made by these professors and the students who engage and grow through the courses on Evangelism,” Dr. Valdez-Barker encouraged.

"I would not have dreamed before the class that I would write this: I'm now totally convinced that ministry is not possible without evangelism."
"NOW, I use what I learned every day in my work with people who live in poverty and even more so with families who have been impacted by COVID"


felt the class with E.S.J. Professor brought value to evangelism in their ministry


E.S.J. Professor changed their overall perception of evangelism


The evangelism class equipped them for the effective practice of evangelism.


The evangelism class equipped them to articulate and educate others on evangelism.

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