Lent and Easter – Catalyst Conversations in Western North Carolina

An expanded audio recording is available through our podcast.

Discussion Questions
  1. Rev. Nicole Jones shares the importance of looking for God in the ordinary. Does your congregation practice looking for and naming the ways they experience God in the everyday?
  2. Rev. Jo Schonewolf talks about finding ways to connect to people who are “through with religion” and engaging with them in everyday life like volunteer opportunities in the community or online. Does your church currently provide ways to do this? Have you experienced this personally? What opportunities can you think of?
  3. Rev. Jones describes visitors as a gift from God. It isn’t their responsibility to become like us, but our privilege to meet them where they are.  Does your congregation share that mindset? Why/why not?
  4. There tends to be more openness to church and the Gospel message around important holidays like Christmas and Easter. How does your church attempt to reach out and connect with those who normally do not attend church or participate in a faith community? Do you have a plan to continue engagement with them after Easter?

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