New E. Stanley Jones Biography Depicts Intimate View of Evangelist’s Life, Ministry

Rev. Dr. Robert G. Tuttle, Jr., met E. Stanley Jones at a Christian Ashram in 1969. Their lives intersected many times following this first encounter, and Dr. Tuttle would later relate that Jones’ writings profoundly shaped his view of theology, preaching, and his life. Based on personal conversations and insights, In Our Time: The Life and Ministry of E. Stanley Jones describes the life of this missonary-evangelist in sequence and includes interactions with Jones’ wife, Mabel, and daughter, Eunice, painting a reality of the whole family.

Reflecting on his relationship with E. Stanley Jones, Dr. Tuttle states,

I remember reading Brother Stanley’s last book The Divine Yes, when it was first released after he died in India…. He reminded me that bad theology puts the people in bondage whereas good theology sets us free. I wanted to set people free.

The Biography can be pre-ordered from The E. Stanley Jones Foundation. All proceeds go to the foundation to publish other works by E. Stanley Jones.

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