At the recent annual meeting of The Foundation for Evangelism board of trustees, grant recipients shared about their ministries and expressed their thanks for the funding that helps them to be catalysts to equip disciples to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism

Dr. Daniel Shin shared that as an E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew University in New Jersey he has been able to partner with other organizations  to further the vision and work of The Foundation for Evangelism, working cross culturally and ecumenically around the globe. He also shared that through his interactions on campus and beyond, he has come to realize that:


“People are searching for effective models of evangelism that are theologically informed, ethically responsible, and transformative for both persons and communities.”



Wallace Chappell Lectures

Rev. Dr. Jack Jackson, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, Calif.,  expressed his excitement at giving the 2018-19 Wallace Chappell Lecture.


Making Disciples on the College Campus

Rev. Ryan Spurrier, director of campus ministry at UNC Chapel Hill spoke to the group of trustees and staff and shared how a grant from The Foundation had birthed new ministries and sparked excitement among the students there. He shared comments from several students who said:

I found out about Wesley through other people, and Wesley had given me so many great memories my first year (Retreats, Thursday Night Dinners, etc.) that i wanted to be responsible for bring other people to those experiences.

– Johnny Coppley

Evangelism and Outreach is central to Jesus’ life and teachings…. We are called to outreach to people not just to share the good news of Jesus with them, but also to bring them into the great Christian community and family that we have and value so much.

– Tate Rosenblatt

Evangelism and Outreach is important to the Church as it is a way for us to act out Christ’s love to others. Sometimes this is hard to find on a college campus and words may not have that much of an impact, but physically being there and doing things to make change makes it easier for more people to see God’s presence. Again, I felt this the most during Chalk the Quad* week during Thanksgiving. I was just starting to get involved with Wesley and seeing how many people the event touched who were not in the ministry was inspiring to me.

– Alex Erling


And finally, one student responded to the question “Is there a moment that you decided Evangelism Outreach is important?” by saying:


A friend and I reached out to [another student]** at a University UMC service and invited him to Wesley and he became a dedicated attendee of Men’s Small Group and Worship until he graduated.- Delaney Davis


*Chalk the Quad is an event in which a large a-frame chalk board is placed in the heart of campus and students are asked to respond to a Spiritual prompt.

** The student was baptized by University UMC during that academic year.