The Foundation for Evangelism continues its partnership with The Institute for Discipleship (IFD) at Southwestern College in Kansas in the design and development of the Timothy Circle Project – an initiative to encourage and assist youth in discerning their call to ministry and service within the Church. The Timothy Circle is now enlisting interested adults to serve as mentors for youth. Here is a special message from Bishop Richard Wilke that encourages folks to consider becoming a mentor:

You made the decision to deepen your understanding of the Bible and become a better follower of Jesus.  Now you have an opportunity to help others grow in their faith!  The truth is, young people in our churches are thinking about God, but are often unsure how God is moving in their lives. Caring adults like you can make an incredible difference in a young person’s ability to hear God  and move toward their call. 
I’m asking you to consider becoming a mentor for a young person in your community. We’ve built a training especially for you to teach you how to listen to a young person and help them identify their call in life.  The training will also connect you to a range of opportunities for young people so you can help them find the internship, scholarship, school, volunteer opportunity, or camp that’s right for them.  I recorded this video to tell you more about this project. Click here to view it!
God is moving in the lives of young people, and you can make a difference!  Sign up for the online training at’s best,

Dick Wilke
Bishop in Residence, Southwestern College