We hope you enjoy this issue of FORWARD.  Learn about the influence of the E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism on the education and preparation of United Methodist leaders over the last 30 years.Celebrate the news that more than 20 young people are discerning their call into full-time Christian service at Denver UMC (North Carolina) the current Culture of the Call Church Award recipient.   Read about the new partnership with Methodist Theological University (Seoul, South Korea) as the Foundation establishes an E. Stanley Jones Visiting Professor of Evangelism in Korea.  Honor the evangelism ministry of Bishop Richard Looney, 2014 Distinguished Evangelist of The United Methodist Church… and more.

The Foundation for Evangelism’s FORWARD Magazine provides information on mission, ministry, and grants supporting our work to provide resources for responsible evangelism enabling the United Methodist Church to bring persons into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.