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Raising Up Gospel Leaders
Engaging the Ministry of the Laity
Equipping the Local Church
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Equip Disciples - Transform Lives

The Foundation for Evangelism’s purpose is to be the catalyst to equip disciples to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. The promise we see in the Church is rooted in John Wesley’s belief that everyone has an essential role to play to spread the light and love of Jesus to our world. We provide grants and tools designed for laity and pastors, working together, to invite those beyond their walls to join them on the Christian journey.

Gospel Leaders

We focus on equipping instructors to provide tools to meet the needs of pastors and their churches.

Ministry of Laity

Training and investing in Jesus-followers of all ages, equipping disciples and transforming lives

Local Churches

Providing training and resources to help make a church-wide evangelism-focused culture shift

The “E Word” Resource

This annual web series is designed with local churches in mind. The 3-week series is offered to join in “real-time” and is also available for on-demand viewing. The video resource can be used for small groups or with local church leadership teams as they explore what evangelism looks like in their context.