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Christian Art

Artwork by Kenneth Wyatt

Artist Kenneth Wyatt, known for his Western and Christian Art, presents Offer Them Christ and Jesus and the Apostles limited edition prints as an opportunity to support the work of The Foundation for Evangelism. 

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Jesus and The Apostles


The Apostles Prints will put you face-to-face with the Twelve Apostles, Paul, and Jesus. The glass area measures 24″x30″ and overall frame size is approximately 32″x38″.

Framed Prints (14) and shipping
(32″x38″ framed size)
$4,250 (Cappuccino or Bordeaux Mat) 

Framed Legends (14) and shipping
(9″x12″ print size)
$700 (Cappuccino or Bordeaux Mat)


Offer Them Christ


Offer Them Christ is an inspirational lithograph (20″x28″) of John Wesley sending Thomas Coke to America. The picture is historically accurate and surely deepens our inspiration, unity, and motivation for evangelism at every level of United Methodism.


Unframed: $60 (50% off regular price)
Framed: $180 ($50 off regular price)

Notecards: $8 (set of 8 )