Each year The Foundation for Evangelism recognizes one person as the Distinguished Evangelist of The United Methodist Church. The purpose of this grant is to create a platform from which exceptional, innovative leaders who are in ministry in a United Methodist setting can serve as role models and inspiration for others seeking to new, impactful way to approach evangelism in the spirit of John Wesley whereby people enter into a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

Evangelism happens in many contexts and many settings.  Evangelism impacts and engages all generations and requires relationship among a variety of persons.  All are called to be evangelists – not just those who are also called to be clergy.  It is the purpose of this award to celebrate, inspire, encourage and equip ALL who are called to be evangelists.

The Distinguished Evangelist of The United Methodist Church

  1. Is an innovator.
  2. Practices evangelism in the Methodist or Wesleyan context in a United Methodist setting.
  3. Leads a ministry where tangible ways in which lives have been and are being transformed is an integral part of the person’s life and work narrative.
  4. Nurtures, mentors, and develops “Timothy” leaders who seek to be in ministry in similar ways.
  5. States clearly “Why Jesus.”
  6. Embodies the Foundation’s vision of growing generations of Christ Followers – clergy and laity – who have a passion for evangelism.


Download Nomination Form

Nominations are due by September 15 of each year and are considered active for 3 years from the date received.Information received after this date will be held until to be included with nominations received for the following year.

Send Nominations to:

The Foundation for Evangelism
P. O. Box 985
Lake Junaluska, NC 28745

Past Recipients

Past recipients of this award include:

  • Harry Lyness, West Harrison, IN – 2015
  • Bishop Richard Looney, Chattanooga, TN – 2014
  • Rev. R Mark Beeson, Granger, IN – 2013
  • Rev. Charles Anderson, San Antonio, TX – 2012
  • Dr. Ed Robb, The Woodlands, TX  – 2011
  • Rev. Shane Bishop, Fairview, IL – 2010
  • Rev. Jorge Acevedo, Cape Coral, FL – 2009
  • Dr. Keith Tonkel, Jackson, MS – 2008
  • Dr. Kent Millard, Indianapolis, IN – 2007
  • Dr. Norman Neaves, Oklahoma City, OK – 2006
  • Dr. George E. Morris, Canton, Georgia – 2005
  • Ms. Billie Fidlin, Phoenix, Arizona – 2004
  • Rev. Dr. Michael Slaughter, Tipp City, Ohio – 2003
  • Rev. Dr. William “Bill” Bouknight, Memphis, Tennessee – 2002
  • Rev. Dr. Joe Hale, Waynesville, North Carolina – 2001
  • Bishop Earl G. Hunt, Jr., Asheville, North Carolina (Lifetime Award)
  • Rev. Adam Hamilton, Leawood, Kansas – 2000
  • Dr. James C. Logan of Wesley Theological Seminary – 1999
  • Reverends Juanita and Rudy Rasmus, Houston, TX – 1998
  • Rev. Stephen A. Rhodes, Washington, DC – 1997
  • Dr. James E. Barnes, Denver, Colorado – 1996
  • Dr. Kirbyjon Caldwell, Houston, Texas – 1995
    Dr. Lawrence Lacour, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Lifetime award)
  • Dr. Eddie Fox, Nashville, Tennessee -1994
  • Bishop Kenneth Carder, Nashville, Tennessee – 1993
  • Dr. James Buskirk, Tulsa, Oklahoma –  1992
  • Dr. E. Malone Dodson, Roswell, Georgia – 1991
  • Joe A. Harding, Corvallis, Oregon – 1990
The following 40 persons were honored in 1989 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of The Foundation for Evangelism.
  • Akbar Abdul-Hagg
  • Mortimer Arias
  • Mary McLeod Bethune
  • Guy H. Black
  • John C. Broomfield
  • Emilio E. Castro
  • Violeta Cavallero
  • John R. Church
  • Ralph S. Cushman
  • Harry Denman
  • Maxie Dunnam
  • Donald English
  • Charles R. Goff
  • James W. Golden
  • Robert E. Goodrich, Jr.
  • J. Wallace Hamilton
  • Abel Hendricks
  • Ralph H. Holdeman
  • E. Stanley Jones
  • Samuel T. Kamaleson
  • Gerald H. Kennedy
  • Helen Kim
  • John Ed Mathison
  • Arthur J. Moore
  • Jessie S. Moorman
  • John R. Mott
  • Reuben H. Mueller
  • Daniel T. Niles
  • George H. Outen
  • Albert C. Outler
  • Edmund W. Robb, Jr.
  • William E. Sangster
  • Earl A. Seamands
  • Charles C. Selecman
  • Roy H. Short
  • Roy L. Smith
  • G. Ernest Thomas
  • Walter Towner
  • Alan Walker
  • Mary Culler White