The Evangelism Summit –

Developing Generations of Leaders

The mission of FFE is to provide resources to promote and encourage the practice of Wesleyan evangelism.  In addition to grants, we are always seeking to meet and enter into conversation with innovative Christian leaders.  This allows FFE to have the greatest possible impact of our Christian witness with our work and allows us to equip you with ideas, connections, and inspiration for discipling and evangelism.

With that mission on board, FFE hosted The Evangelism Summit  in Atlanta on January 30-31, 2017.   During these two days, we had an opportunity to talk with and listen to some of the most promising United Methodist and Christian leaders in the US.

And it is an ongoing conversation.  Here you will find bios, links, and listings of resources from next generation leaders.  Join the conversation.

Is there someone – or are you someone – we need to know?  FFE wants to hear from you.   Email