This award expands upon our tradition of recognizing excellence in local church evangelism, incorporates the focus on striving to impact younger generations, and encourages those who seek to grow the United Methodist Church.

Originally designed “To recognize one local congregation of The United Methodist Church each year that has a history of having young people 35 or younger experience God’s call to full time Christian service as a result of their being active in the life of that church,” the award has come to represent a level of excellence desired for all churches as they seek to identify, support, mentor, and encourage young people who are called to Christian service.

The Foundation for Evangelism believes the decision to enter full-time Christian service begins and is nurtured in the local church. Today, there are a number of congregations, large and small, who are empowering young people to answer God’s call on their lives.  The Culture of the Call Church Award, awarded annually by The Foundation for Evangelism, highlights these congregations. The award recognizes a church whose culture encourages the next generation of leaders with a passion for evangelism to enter full-time Christian service.