Building Relationships

Annual Report

We are excited to share with you Annual Reports for The Foundation for Evangelism. Here we introduce you to the faces and voices of those whose work and ministries you support with your gifts.  Grants, such as those highlighted in these reports, are how we fulfill our mission to promote, encourage, and provide resources for evangelism, enabling The United Methodist Church to bring persons into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Without our donors, without you, The Foundation for Evangelism would not train campus ministers to offer Christ to college students or be represented at United Methodist affiliated seminaries around the world by E. Stanley Jones Professors of Evangelism who are recognized leaders in education, research, and development of evangelism resources. Our donors make all this amazing work possible.

Perhaps Mary Brooke Casad, board chair, says it best, “The Foundation for Evangelism has a long history of equipping and empowering leaders to be every-day evangelists, bringing the message of God’s transforming love through Jesus Christ to a hurting world.”

Thank you for your gifts, your support, and your prayers.  Together we will continue to Offer Them Christ.

The Foundation for Evangelism welcomes this opportunity to provide current and accurate information on our financial and grant making activities. This information is available for download in PDF format.