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2012 Culture of the Call Church

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University UMC, Las Naciones UMF, and First Filipino UMF Partnership is the 2012 Culture of the Call Church Award Recipient. Read more about these remarkable congregations working together in Las Vegas, Nevada.


August 2012

 University UMC, Las Naciones UMF, First Filipino UMF Receives
Culture of the Call Church Award

 Las Vegas, NV - A partnership of three congregations in Las Vegas is the recipient of The Foundation for Evangelism’s 2012 Culture of the Call Church Award. University United Methodist Church, Las Naciones United Methodist Fellowship and First Filipino United Methodist Fellowship were presented the award at the Desert Southwest Annual Conference in June.

These diverse faith communities meet at the same location in Las Vegas. While they hold separate services during the week, they have partnered to coordinate outreach and evangelism efforts, creating a culture to help persons listen for and answer God’s call into ministry. This culture of the call is sustained by connecting with and supporting young people considering God’s call to ministry through small groups as well as training and including young people in leading worship and Sunday School classes. Leadership from the congregations also host “Relevance X,” a yearly young adult conference and “Relevance LEAD”, a conference to help network leaders of young adult ministries, young adult pastors, and candidates.

Since 1998, eight students have responded to God’s call to ministry. One has gone on to seminary, two are attending Christian colleges, considering careers in ministry. One young person is considering going back to college to complete an undergraduate degree in order to pursue a call to ministry. The others, still in high school, are active volunteers in the church and are being encouraged to consider full time Christian ministry.

The Culture of the Call Church Award is presented annually to one United Methodist Church with a history of having people age 35 or younger respond to God’s call to full time Christian service as a result of their being active in the life of the church.  The Foundation for Evangelism is a not-for-profit foundation, focusing on providing resources for the development of leaders with a passion for evangelism who will have a multiplying impact on the United Methodist Church.




Mary Burgin

The Foundation for Evangelism
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